Bunde Community Welcomes Presentation Brothers

Date: 25 Mar 2019

Extremely significant among the people of Bunde and also widely practised in Nigeria is the act of welcome, it is a sign of disrespect and disgusting not to greet and welcome visitors in their midst. 

The concepts of hospitality and welcome in Nigeria are closely related. Both concepts connote friendly behaviour to the guest or the person who just arrived at one’s place on a short or long term stay.  The host is happy with the visitor, he/she gladly expresses his/her gladness by the way and manner the visitor is welcomed and treated. Thus, a visitor who is welcomed is gladly accepted in a place. It is in line with customary values, that the Parish Priest of St. Francis Catholic church Tse-chuka, Rev. Fr. Timothy Anom together with the Christian Community of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bunde, an outstation of St. Francis parish paid a courtesy on the Brothers to formally welcome them into the Bunde community according to the traditions.  

The Parish Priest who welcomed the Brothers also thanked them for choosing to reside in his Parish. He said the vocation of the Brothers is a very unique one in the church and cannot be overlooked.  He asked the Brothers to help educate the Christians community more about the vocation the Religious Brother is in this part of the world. 

He pleaded with the Brothers to take an active role in the activities of the Christian community Bunde asking the Brothers help teach the Christian community to grow in the Catholic faith.  Nigerian have a different way of saying welcome to the guests and the Christian community of Bunde in accordance with customs and traditions of their society, generously made a donation of hundred tubes of yam, castrated big goat, a cock, kola and assorted cooking items to the Brother. These are symbols of welcome among the people. It is said that he who brings kolanut brings peace. The presentation of these items clearly depicts that the people of Bunde are happy with the arrival if the Brothers in their midst and they welcome them dearly.  

Br. Solomon who received the items on behalf of the Community Leader Br. Paul Atole, thanked the Parish priest and the Christian community of Bunde for the rousing welcome of the Brothers into their community and their generosity. He also assured them of the Brothers readiness to work with and support them to grow the faith and that the community should feel at home with the Brothers for good collaboration. We feel much more humble and honour be warmly received by the Christian community in Bunde, he added. 

The Brothers on their part shared assorted drinks with the Christian community as a signed of gratitude and appreciation for their kind gesture and warm welcomed. The exchange of pleasantries continued for a long time until all departed from the Brothers community with joy and the Brothers felt much happier and at home having been welcomed by the community members.